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You’ve Worked Hard To Earn What You Have. Now It’s Time To Make Sure It’s Protected.

The best way to do that is to ensure that a will and trust (or combinations of trusts) are a part of your estate plan. Our skilled Theodore wills and trusts lawyers have been guiding clients through this process for nearly 30 years, so you can trust that your goals and objectives will be their priority. They take the time to answer the questions you have and explain things in a way you can easily understand, because confidence is the key to your future.

The Ladd Firm is dedicated to helping you gain a firm understanding of the distinct purposes that your will and trust serve, as well as how they impact you and your family. This starts with an educational seminar that we offer both in-person and on-demand. Through the seminar, you will learn more about your options and the estate planning process. Then, you will be able to schedule your free phone consultation with one of our attorneys! Call today to take the first step.

Theodore Wills And Trusts Lawyers

Why Do You Need A Will?

Wills are the most basic estate planning tool a person can have. They allow you to clearly list all of the assets you own – like money, property, and other belongings – as well as the individuals you want to inherit when you pass. Wills ensure that you remain in control of what happens to your hard-earned life savings, even after you pass.

Without a will, no one will know how you wanted your assets to be distributed. In cases like these, the court ultimately gets to make this incredibly personal and important decision. The Alabama laws of intestate succession will determine which of your family members get what, which do not take into account any unique circumstances or your specific family dynamics. This means that family members you do not have a relationship with may be entitled to a portion of your assets.

It is in your best interest to have our experienced Theodore wills and trusts lawyers draft a will which allows you to acknowledge those you love and the financial or material gift you intend for them to have.

Why Do You Need A Trust?

Even though wills can serve as clear-cut directions for what to do with your stuff when you’re gone, everything will still have to go through probate before it can be distributed, even with a will. The Alabama probate process is notoriously complex, time-consuming, and expensive! The only full-proof way to bypass probate is to create a trust to keep your assets in. You can think of a trust like a box that holds your stuff, and there are many different types that serve different purposes. Our knowledgeable Theodore wills and trusts lawyers can help you determine which type of trust(s) would work best, depending on the goals you want it to accomplish.

When you pass, trusts can be easily and quickly transferred to your beneficiaries, which eliminates the chance that your family will need to stress over probate. It also greatly reduces opportunities for family conflict and estate disputes! When combined with a detailed will, trusts can offer many advantages to you and your family.

Why Choose Our Theodore Wills And Trusts Lawyers?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen what happens when unsuspecting individuals choose to handle estate planning on their own, without the assistance of a reputable attorney. There are countless online programs and kits which claim to allow you to create your own estate planning documents, but without legal aid, you will likely have no idea whether your documents are even valid in the state of Alabama. Many of these generic “DIY” kits end up being ruled as void because they are not compliant with local and state laws.

Trust us – this is the last thing you want your family to have to deal with while they are mourning your death. The Ladd Firm will do it right the first time, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected. Call today to get started!

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The Ladd Firm is an asset for individuals who need assistance with estate planning. They are truly concerned with what is best for their clients and take the time to understand the situation and tailor the options for the best outcome.

David J.

The Ladd legal firm is a very personal and professional legal firm. The service we received was complete and their patience with explaining the process of establishing a family trust made us completely comfortable. We are amazingly comfortable recommending them to anyone wishing to set-up a family trust.

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