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Here at The Ladd Firm, we know how difficult the time after a loved one’s passing can be for a family. You have a lot to think about and unfortunately, you must think about all of it in the midst of your immense grief. If your loved one did not have an estate plan, probate is just another of the complicated issues you will have to endure, but the good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone.

Our compassionate Theodore probate lawyers know that complex legal and financial matters are the last thing you feel like sorting through, which is why you can trust us to guide you through them effectively and in a timely manner. For nearly 30 years we have led Alabamians through probate and other estate matters. We are seasoned in Alabama probate laws and continuously educate ourselves on the changes to them, as well as the implications they could have for our clients. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation and discover your next steps.

Theodore Probate Lawyers

Why Does Probate Have To Happen?

The purpose of probate is to make sure that a deceased person’s assets (all the money, property, and possessions they owned) go to their intended heirs. You can rest assured that probate is not some sort of punishment on the part of your loved one – they may simply not have known how much of a difference an estate plan could make, or perhaps they just ran out of time to create one.

During the probate process, the assets they owned will be valued and compiled, then divided and distributed according to their will, if they had one (or according to the Alabama laws of intestate succession if they did not). This task, as well as the many others associated with probate, fall to the estate executor or personal representative to complete. If that’s you, our skilled Theodore probate lawyers will work closely with you to communicate with the court on your behalf, take care of these complicated legal tasks, and more.

As burdensome as probate may seem to be, any random person might be able to lay claim to your relative’s hard-earned wealth if it didn’t exist. The probate process protects their final wishes and ensures that they are able to be carried out.

Is There A Way To Speed The Probate Process Up?

Probate does take a significant amount of time to resolve, as inconvenient as that may be. A typical probate case may take anywhere between 6-9 months, but can last much longer if the estate consists of more complex assets. Obstacles like will contests and lawsuits can drag probate out and keep the decedent’s assets locked in court for years, which is why it is important to have our Theodore probate lawyers on your side from the beginning. If things go south or any errors are made throughout the process, they can easily correct them and get the train back on the tracks. Working with our attorneys is the best way to ensure that the probate process only lasts as long as it needs to, and assets can be distributed to their heirs as quickly as possible.

How Can Theodore Probate Lawyers Improve My Experience?

Serving as the executor or personal representative can be a stressful role, especially when you’re grieving and have your own day-to-day responsibilities to tend to. The Ladd Firm wants to make this difficult time just a little bit easier for you and your family. Whether you are seeking aid at the genesis of your probate case or after some issues have thrown you off-course, you can trust our experienced Theodore probate lawyers to help you and your family reach a solution so that you can move forward and begin the healing process. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation and learn more!

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The Ladd Firm is an asset for individuals who need assistance with estate planning. They are truly concerned with what is best for their clients and take the time to understand the situation and tailor the options for the best outcome.

David J.

The Ladd legal firm is a very personal and professional legal firm. The service we received was complete and their patience with explaining the process of establishing a family trust made us completely comfortable. We are amazingly comfortable recommending them to anyone wishing to set-up a family trust.

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