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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the very wealthy. Whether a will or a trust is right for you, anyone who owns property or has minor children should have an estate plan. Learn more.


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Incapacity Planning

Planning for incapacity can help families avoid expensive court proceedings later on. Have a need for durable powers of attorney, living wills and healthcare powers of attorney? Learn more.


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Special Needs Planning

Our team is knowledgeable in special needs planning and can help you develop a plan that will help maintain needed support for a disabled family member. Learn more.


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Guardianships & Conservatorships

When a loved one loses the ability to make financial or medical decisions without an incapacity plan already in place, a family member may need to obtain a guardianship or conservatorship through probate court.  We handle guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in Mobile and Baldwin counties.  Learn more.


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We represent personal representatives in probate proceedings in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Learn more.

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Nursing Home Pre-Planning

In 2016, the average cost of nursing home care in Alabama was $70,000 per year. Advance planning is the best approach to protect your home and other assets. Learn more.


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Nursing Home Crisis Planning

Even after a nursing home admission, it may still be possible to preserve assets that can be used to improve the senior's quality of care. If your loved one has an immediate need for nursing home care, please call us at 251-431-6014 to find out how we can help. Learn more.


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VA Aid and Attendance Benefits Planning

You may be entitled to receive up to $25,440 per year in tax-free income from the VA if you qualify. These benefits can be used to pay bills from caregivers, home health agencies, and assisted living facilities. Learn more.

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