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If you’ve recently said goodbye to a loved one, we are deeply sorry for your loss. You may be feeling confused about all that goes into settling their affairs, like what assets they have, who their beneficiaries are, how you pay their existing debts, how you distribute the assets to their heirs, and more. If your relative passed without leaving behind a will, or with a will but without their assets having been secured in a trust, it is likely that their estate will need to undergo probate, which is a complex and extensive court process. 

If you have been named the executor or appointed personal representative, most of the burden of probate will fall on your shoulders. To save yourself the most time, money, and stress, it is in your best interest to allow our experienced Semmes probate lawyers to help you navigate the long list of steps involved. Call The Ladd Firm today to schedule your free phone consultation and learn more about how we can make a difference in your journey to the end of probate so you can move forward with your life!

Semmes Probate Lawyers

Probate In Alabama

Probate is necessary after a person passes away to ensure that their assets – all the money and property they owned – are passed on to their heirs according to their will. If they did not have a will, then everything will be distributed according to the Alabama laws of intestate succession. Unfortunately, many people believe that having a will in place when they pass away allows their estate to bypass probate, but this is not true. (A will does, however, make probate a little easier, as it acts as a road map through each step of the process.)

While this may all sound simple at first, probate is long, expensive, and involves a lot of effort on behalf of the executor or personal representative, who must work closely with the court. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Submitting the will
  • Filing a petition to open probate
  • Locating and managing the assets
  • Valuing and appraising the assets
  • Paying taxes on behalf of the estate
  • Notifying creditors and paying outstanding debts
  • Paying funeral costs
  • Distributing assets to their intended heirs (if there was a will) or according to intestacy laws (without a will)
  • And much more. 

Which Assets Are And Are Not Subject To Probate?

In Alabama, the following assets are not subject to probate:

  • Jointly-owned property
  • Life insurance policies and retirement accounts
  • Trust assets
  • Pay-on-death and transfer-on-death accounts

While these assets are subject to probate:

  • Solely-owned property
  • Tenant in common property
  • Interest in a partnership or corporation
  • Investments 

If you are still unsure of which of your loved one’s assets must go through the probate process, our knowledgeable Semmes probate lawyers can provide clarity to your specific circumstances. 

How Our Semmes Probate Lawyers Can Make This Difficult Time Easier

You have a lot weighing on you right now, with your grief and the demands of your own personal life, too. The added stress of dealing with the court and all the paperwork involved with probate can easily overwhelm even the most capable individuals, and that’s in the event that your probate case runs smoothly. There is always a chance that unexpected roadblocks like will contests, family disputes, lawsuits, and other complications stand in the way of a successful resolution to your case. This is why having our exceptional Semmes probate lawyers on your side from the beginning could make a difference in keeping things from getting messy and standing in the way of a favorable outcome. 

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Your energy should be focused into your family and your healing right now, so let us take on the heavy lifting. Our compassionate Semmes probate lawyers are seasoned in resolving probate matters with speed and ease, so that you can move forward on solid ground. Call today to book your free phone consultation and discover your legal options.

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