Our Services

Legal Services:  The Ladd Firm is a full service probate law firm. We will prepare all of your estate planning documents, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives.  We can also help your executor negotiate the complexities of the probate court process.

Affordable Legal Documents:  The majority of our clients need standard probate documents that are much less expensive to prepare than most other legal documents. Therefore, the price for simple wills starts at only $195, the price for powers of attorney are $95, and the price for medical healthcare directives is only $95. We also provide a discount package for all three of these documents that starts at $295.

Free Delivery And Document Execution Services:  We provide free delivery and document execution services by a notary for purchases of over $250. We will meet you at any convenient location including your home, your office, the hospital, a restaurant, one of our convenient offices, or any other desired location within the zip codes we service.

Free Fire Proof Document Storage:  We will store your original will and other important documents in our locked fireproof storage facility.  Probate courts are very reluctant to allow a copy of a will to be submitted to probate.  When a copy of a will is submitted to probate, the court often presumes that the original was destroyed and thereby revoked.  Overcoming this presumption is often futile and very expensive.  Therefore, it is very important that your original will be available for probate. You may move to a smaller house, healthcare facility, or family member’s home shortly before your departure.  Many of your documents may be lost or misplaced when you move.  Also, access to a safety deposit box is often denied to relatives without a court order.  Therefore, it is best to leave your will with your law firm.  We will provide you with personalized laminated cards that you can keep in your wallet and give to your family members so that they will know who to contact when your will is needed.  We will only release your will to those you have designated upon presentation of a death certificate.  This is a very valuable free service we provide to all our clients.

Online Document Access:  We have an easy to use internet portal accessible through our website.  My entering your personalized login information, your healthcare directive and other documents can be retrieved and delivered when you need them most.